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Carving the Goose

Place the goose on a board and, using a long-bladed knife, cut through skin in an arc around the leg. Then cut between the thigh and body - the leg will fall away, leaving the joint exposed. Carve through joint to free the leg; separate into thigh and drumstick, or carve into slices.


To remove the wings from the bird’s body, first locate and loosen the connecting joints by gently moving the wing bones around. Then, using a long-bladed knife, cut firmly through the bird’s joints until the wings are separated from the body.

To serve the stuffing: if the goose has been stuffed from the neck end, first cut a thick slice across the skin at the end to expose the stuffing. Then, using a large metal spoon, scoop it all out into a separate serving dish.

Carve both sides of the breast into fairly thick slices. Work from the front of the bird to begin with, keeping the knife blade close to the horizontal. Lift the slices by holding them between the knife and fork - this method avoids piercing the meat.


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